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Fleabagging is the latest trend that is dating’re 100% responsible of

Fleabagging is the latest trend that is dating’re 100% responsible of

Yep – there’s another word to explain our crappy behaviour that is dating.

Simply whenever you thought your comfort couldn’t be disrupted anymore – introducing: fleabagging, another product from the long directory of the 21 century that is st worst dating styles. It joins zombieing, benching, negging, not to mention old trusty, ghosting. But fleabagging is maybe probably one of the most trends that are toxic-to-self run into up to now. Even though the definition of may be brand brand new, the style surely is not. we’ve been fleabagging because the start of the time.

Tright herefore here’s helpful information to navigating the hellish realm of fleabagging, detailed with essential advice from Match’s dating specialist Hayley Quinn.

What exactly is fleabagging?

Therefore, if you should be a fleabagger, you’re stuck in exactly what expert that is dating describes as “dating catastrophe purgatory”.

it is the toxic period of split up and then make up, with that person that is substandard does nothing but stress you away.

The expression fleabagging arises from the television show, Fleabag, where we come across Phoebe Waller–Bridge’s character men that are constantly dating aren’t that great. Place quite simply, Hayley says that “you could phone fleabagging making actually bad relationship choices once again, and once more, and again”.

Problem? Because we feel seen!

What you should do if you are a fleabagger

Like you attract «the wrong people» or have «bad taste in people», there are some conscious changes you’ll need to make so that you can improve your sticky situation if you feel.