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Just how to put in a Plug for A electric Clothes Dryer

Just how to put in a Plug for A electric Clothes Dryer

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The plug on an electric dryer is optional, because, in lots of houses, the appliance is hardwired into your house circuitry. In case the home has a 240-volt receptacle for the dryer, you might need certainly to put in a plug — or pigtail — yourself. The nationwide Electric Code has mandated grounded plugs on dryers since 1996, so modern pigtails have actually four wires rather than three. Setting up a pigtail feels like a complicated project, but it is actually a straightforward operation that everyone can do. The pigtail cables have ring lugs, and also you simply connect these to your appropriate terminals in the dryer.

Choose the terminal that is electrical on the straight back for the dryer. It is frequently nearby the flooring. Unscrew the panel cover by having a Philips screwdriver and take away it.

Note the colors associated with the terminal screws in the dryer. Two are brass, one is silver and something is green. The metal terminals are hot, the silver is basic together with one that is green for ground.

Unscrew among the metal screws and insert it through the band lug on either the black colored or wire that is red the pigtail. Those two wires are both hot and are also interchangeable. Drive the screw back to the panel and tighten up it to securely hold the wire. Link one other hot cable to another terminal within the way that is same.

Link the white wire to your silver terminal together with green cable to your terminal that is green. After the wires are linked, secure the pigtail into the dryer by feeding it through the wire that is built-in and tightening the clamp.

Fit the panel cover straight back on the device.