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Brand New Learn Claims ‘Cougars’ Usually Do Not Exist.Courteney Cox on Cougar Town

Brand New Learn Claims ‘Cougars’ Usually Do Not Exist.Courteney Cox on Cougar Town


  • The Science of Cougar Intercourse: Why Old Women Lust
  • A history that is brief of
  • Why Cougar Cruises Proved Too Hot for Carnival
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    • For 10 years now we have been chronicling the emergence of cougars within the jungle that is dating females, frequently over 40, who hunt more youthful guys, or cubs, and shower all of them with a tantalizingly experienced form of love and lots of Abba music. You can find cougar a-listers 47-year-old Demi Moore married 32-year-old Ashton Kutcher cougar publications, cougar cruises and, probably the ultimate affirmation, cougar sitcoms, such as the popular Cougar Town, starring real-life jpeoplemeet mobile cougar Courteney Cox. Just exactly What proof that is further we are in need of for this species’ presence?

      Michael Dunn is not buying it. The noted psychology researcher in the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff has simply released study which he insists renders the cougar craze a «myth.» After examining age choices expressed in 22,400 singles advertisements on popular relationship internet sites in the united states, European countries, Australia and Japan, he discovered no cohort that is sizable of searching for more youthful males. To your contrary, the majority of them desired males their very own age or older. Nor did he find evidence when it comes to expansion of cubs: the overwhelming most of guys exhibited their eons-old choice for more youthful females. «I do think the cougar event is really a misconception and, yes, a news construct,» Dunn, who focuses primarily on peoples psychology that is evolutionary mating behavior, told the Australian Associated Press. ( experience a short reputation for cougars.)

      But faster than Madonna can get a male that is 21-year-old, self-identified cougars and their supporters are striking right right right back. «I get angered by this silliness,» claims Valerie Gibson, the British-born, Toronto-based journalist whose best-selling 2001 guide, Cougar: A Guide for Older Women Dating young guys, is definitely the first to spot the revolution that Dunn really wants to debunk.